July 16, 2020
February 16, 2020

Outsource Development To The Best Talent in Ukraine 

A frustrating thing as a start-up is knowing you can’t afford to recruit expert engineers to build your product. There aren’t enough candidates to fill the demand for talented software engineers. 

Now more than ever, if you want to launch or scale in 2020, you need an all-star development team. However successful companies competing for the best minds in software are driving up the costs of hiring an in house team -  sky high. To break the Catch-22 and find a team of high-caliber that won’t bleed you dry, look beyond the continent. 


Savvy Steve

Let’s imagine for a moment, a talented fictional entrepreneur named Steve. Steve lives in Brooklyn, NY. He works very hard, would like to get more sleep and loves his dog which he brings with him to the office every day. 

Steve sets the bar very high for the kind of quality he expects from his product development team. He needs to build swiftly because he’s short of runway, and probably not far from Burnout. 

Steve knows he doesn’t have the luxury of hiring fellow countrymen developers. But Steve still wants the best and brightest. So he takes his search abroad, looking for the team that can build and deliver his product.  

His game plan looks like this. 

He wants to outsource to countries with less expensive software markets than America and most of Europe. 

He wants to find a country known for brilliant developers and evangelists. Those who would be swimming at the “deep-end” if innovation were a pool.

To avoid the struggle of overcoming language barriers altogether, Steve needs an English-speaking team, culturally not be too far off from his U.S. team. 

Lastly, he needs developers that can build the MVP for 3x less than it will cost him to build that same product here onshore. 

Be Like Steve

The country that Steve and many other (real) entrepreneurs are going with is Ukraine. It’s not difficult to understand why.

Ukraine*, conveniently located in Eastern Europe has the highest benefits to costs ratio you can find. 

*has a time difference of only 7 hours with the east coast of the U.S.. and a difference of 2 hours from almost any country in Western Europe. 

If you outsource to Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe the quality of work for the rates you pay is incredible and the demand for Ukrainian developers. is growing rapidly. 

We’ve broken down the 3 main reasons to outsource your mobile, application or web development projects to Ukraine, especially if like Steve, your budget is only $15,000 to $20,000 Let’s dive in. 


Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and the software capital of Europe is the first place you would think to look right? Nope. If your budget is less than $15,000-$20,000, look for regional talent, located more remotely across the country. Agencies in smaller cities will charge less to remain competitive while delivering work that is equivalent to what you would get from a capital-based agency. 

Because these firms are remotely located they have fewer clients and a more personalized approach while the quality of talent and development work is equivalent to outsourcing agencies based in Kyiv. You can get more personalized attention as well. 

Most well-paid Ukranian software developers earn less than halfof the average U.S developer salary. You can hire Ukraine’s best IT talent for less than half the cost of hiring locally. 

  • The average rate of a developer in Ukraine is $25–45 per hour, that is three and sometimes four times less than any software development company in the United States and United Kingdom 
  • There is no compromise on quality. You’d be hiring the best app developers, web developers, and mobile developers that Europe has to offer. Outsourcing your development to Ukraine is one of the best things you can do for your company. 
  • You can hire 4 developers instead of 2, for example, but it’s best to work with an outsourcing agency that will manage the entire development team for you  This will ultimately lead to a higher-quality, more stabilized end product. 
  • Ukraine is in the top 3 for software outsourcing destinations and has developers who work for Google, Intel, HP, Siemens, IBM, and other big technology companies 

Software will get built and deployed without the costs you would have in the US market. Outsourcing your app, mobile and web development to Ukraine will spare you the grunt work and exorbitant costs of hiring local developers all helping you scale faster. 

Be smart. Be like Steve.

High Competition for Software Jobs 

Finding a job in software development is more competitive than in other countries. Ukraine has the most software developers in Europe. Ukranian developers are seeking out the rates you can offer them.  Though cost-efficient, your offer is highly attractive compared to salaries in Ukraine. They will earn more than their peers in web development, app development, and mobile development all while working remotely, which 13% of Ukrainian developers list as the most important factor in choosing a job.

Ukraine’s number of IT professionals is set to jump by 25% annually, compared to just 21% by 2028 in the U.S. Now is the outsourcing moment you should seize.

Startups and small companies with budgets under $10,000 or between $15,000 and $20,000 USD should seek out companies that offer turnkey solutions and a full range of services in Ukraine. 

  • Mobile software development for Android and Apple’s iOS
  • Full-stack web development
  • User Experience and Interface Design UX/UI 
  • Quality Assurance or QA testing
  • Cloud Architecture 


Ukranian web, mobile and app developers are some of the world’s highest-quality IT professionals. Ukraine is a top country for outsourcing software development projects be it mobile, app and web.

Ukraine is home to some of the world’s best software developers. Globally, Ukraine ranks the best in several development technologies, including first in C++ and Unity3D developers, and second place in JavaScript, Magento, and Scala.

Ukranian software developers are also consistently on the very edge of emerging technologies and stacks. 70% of them regularly read professional literature on software development, and 56% of them regularly attend IT events. 

Ukraine used to be the tech industry’s best-kept secret for outsourcing talent, now it has become a top outsourcing country for US companies for hiring mobile, app, and web development.

Compared to other countries, Ukraine has many female software developers, with 23% of IT professionals being women. The industry is more advanced for software development in Ukraine compared to other countries. Software development accounted for 20% of all Ukranian exports in 2018.

Make It In Ukraine

Outsourcing software development to Ukraine has experienced a lot of interest because of the crazy benefits and low costs, providing a rather sick alternative to hiring locally. Ukranian software developers provide award-winning, work at half the cost here at home. 

The number of computer science graduates grows every year, as does Ukraine’s reputation as a leading software development talent pool. 

With thousands of success stories, praise from entrepreneurs worldwide, if you want to build an incredible product or scale an existing project, you should make it in Ukraine. Drop us your email and get a free quote sent right to your inbox. 

Artem Azarov
About author
Artem is a talent architect and skilled matchmaker, piecing together team puzzles of growing startups and top rated Ukrainian tech and creative skillsets.
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