February 14, 2022

A message from our CEO

As the CEO, I wanted to write to you directly about the situation that you've likely seen in Western media, and our plans around various scenarios, and what that may mean.

First of all, we will not lie to you, for the sake of business. If we believe that at any point, there is a risk to your staffing, based on the situation, we wholeheartedly promise to tell you the truth, and figure out a way to navigate that situation, even if it means pausing our work.

Moreover, and foremost, we have a commitment to make sure our candidates are as well poised as possible, to deal with any existential threat life may throw at them.

That has been our commitment from the start, and is a core reason why we have been propelled into a Top 3 recruiting firm in this region, in the last 2 years.

Saying that, we ask for one favour from you. Please don't believe the rage-fueled anger stream that is the western media. Much like any intelligent person will not take modern media for face value, we ask you to do the same on this occasion, as it is no different.

Ukraine has been at war with Russia for the last 8 years, losing over 14000 beautiful souls, and having large pieces of our land taken away.

This is not something new to us.

Many in Ukraine expect this, have been expecting this, and go on with their daily lives. In fact, 95% of Ukraine, and 99% of where we hire from in Ukraine (Ukraine is close to the size of Texas, 3 times that of the United Kingdom), will be completely unaffected even if there's an invasion in the East, or through the Southern Sea Port of Odessa.

As the US and West suffers from massive inflation, unemployment and civil unrest, Ukraine is having a real estate and labour market boom.

This is likely one of the factors that led us to collaborate in the first place, the talent here. Specifically, the remote talent. Individuals that can and will work from anywhere. They can pick up and move 100km to the West on a moment's notice, with little impact to their actual life.

Out of our roster of 12 clients, thankfully no one has decided to stop their hiring with us. For that, we sincerely thank you, and so does the talent here. As if you want to truly help, the worst thing you could do is to start pulling economic activity out of Ukraine. In fact, we need it more than ever. Our candidates and their families need it more than ever. To have no one pull out, including yourself, is a true blessing, and again, we thank you.

So, what is our current guidance?

First: We propose to pause all office operations, centered on a certain geography such as Kiev or Kharkiv. You must keep your workforce flexible and remote, this will ensure virtually no difference in value output from your candidates and new hires, and also allows them to freely move around. Moreover, we expect rental prices to come down, so you can likely get a better deal if you just wait till the summer, and then evaluate the situation.

Second: Hire fast. As always, our candidates are speaking to 3-8 firms at any given time. It's still very competitive, but now more than ever, they're looking for security. If you see someone you like, make a decision quickly.

Third: Ask us for advice. Through your dealings with us, we hope that it's abundantly clear that we don't just finish the transaction, wipe our hands, and walk off. We're here to help. That is our mission. If you want to talk this through and explore what may happen, and how it may affect your funnel and current staffing, let's jump on a call.

As the old British adage goes, 'Keep Calm, And Carry On'.

Always here to help,


Mirela Moldovan
About author
CEO at Make it in Ukraine
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