April 20, 2022

Stand With Ukraine and Hire the Best: How all of us can help Ukrainian Talent?


The war with Russia today affects not only Ukraine, but tries to eliminate the entire civilized world from its future. All of us today, Ukrainians, citizens and governments of most of the world are trying to help in what we are fittest.

In this guide, we have joined our Public Statement and Vision with an explanation of the ways to help Ukraine (and therefore enable the whole world to develop). It is not only direct financial and military support, but also working with Ukrainian talent.

What happened

On February 24th, Putin's criminal regime began an inhuman war against Ukraine, jeopardizing not only the lives of millions of Ukrainians but also the security of the entire European continent and the principles of freedom and democracy around the world. This war affects everyone without exception.

We, the MIU team, were directly affected due to having 95% of employees from and in Ukraine. Overnight we lost our homes, our peace of mind, and any certainty that we would be able to wake up tomorrow and embrace our families. For the first three weeks we helped with evacuations, fundraising for humanitarian needs and organizing logistics and supplies for the Russian-occupied territories and cities under endless shelling.

We succeeded, largely thanks to the incredible support of the entire international community. It was especially pleasant and valuable to see how enthusiasts all over the world like you helped with fundraising, managing funds, and distributing the money exactly to those who needed it: the victims, local organizations and hospitals.

Many thanks  to everyone who cares ❤️

Our team online

As of 3 weeks ago, every member of the MIU team is safe and continuing their work.

Likewise, each of us continues to help those left in their cities and those forced to abandon their homes. Our wartime mission as a team and organization is to continue to help professionals find better opportunities to apply their talents (with training, mentoring and personal assistance, for sure).

Stand with Ukraine: What can you do to help Ukraine?

There are many ways to help: financially, informationally, humanitarianly, professionally.

List of safest ways to donate and help Ukraine

You can find detailed information for each country and all the ways you can help here:

Art by Nikita Titov, 'We will regain it all. We'll restore it all'

Just work with us, just work with Ukrainians

Helping Ukraine means, among other things, helping the Ukrainian economy. Part of our team is still in Ukraine or helping their families who stayed there. By working with us, you help us pay salaries that support entire families and the micro-economy of the cities where our colleagues live.

By working with us, you are helping us show the world that we are a smart, hard-working, innovative nation. A nation that creates products that are used by the entire civilized world: from Japan to the United States.

But you don't have to work with us just because you feel sorry for us. Just try our product and see that it is really cool and useful. 

Hire Ukrainians

Ukrainians are known for their professionalism, dedication, ingenuity and responsibility.

Many talented Ukrainians are now losing their jobs and are forced to search for new work urgently. 

Why it is safe to hire Ukrainians

Most employers in these tough times launched a number of projects to help Ukrainians relocate and find work. Moreover, they emphasize the priority of hiring Ukrainians. Many thanks to them, we really appreciate that.

Nevertheless, we regularly see groundless fears from some employers when it comes to Ukrainian specialists. That’s why we need to clarify this issue. Let's weigh the arguments realistically:

  • Someone has left UA and is now actively looking for work (no risks for the employer, plus their motivation is very high);
  • Someone is in a safe place and works remotely. You and I are almost all used to the remote and hybrid format of work, since 2020.
  • Well, the people you are referring to when you talk about risk, are just not looking for work right now, they don't have time for it. They're trying to save themselves, so you definitely won't see them on the list of candidates.
‼️ By posting jobs on our platform and requesting our recruitment services, you can be sure that many talents from Ukraine will know about them.

Some managed to leave the country, and in most cities in central and western regions they have full access to fast Internet and can work calmly to benefit your project. In addition, you probably remember that Elon Musk sent a lot of Starlink terminals to Ukraine.

Our latest initiative - MIU Career Wiki Hub

For Ukrainian talents and international employers we have created a comprehensive guide.

It covers a wide range of topics:

⭐️ For talent:

Application form for their CVs and cover letters

  • Tips and Guides on how to find a great job quickly, how to identify your talent, how to find people who will advise you, how to move to another country, how to avoid dangers and keep your mentality and productivity in check, and a lot more.

⚡️ For employers:

What we already have

Since the launch of the Guide, 81 candidates have already applied and submitted their CVs through the appropriate section. We add everyone who is interested to the general database of candidates (for various professions), which already includes several hundred professionals. Access to this database is requested by international employers.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been approached by nearly 20 representatives of employers interested in helping Ukrainian workers.

Several times a week we publish and distribute a digest of our international partners and friends with a list of job seekers.

Of course, all of this is very modest and not enough. However, we believe that we can do a lot more by joining efforts with people like you.  

Where to start when you decide to hire some talented pros

You will probably also need the professional help of a recruiting agency to find even the most difficult talent. Feel free to book a quick 15-min call and you'll get answers to 100% of your questions. They will arrange for you a dedicated manager and recruiters who are sure to find exactly the one you need. 100% match guaranteed.

Are we focusing only on Ukrainian talent?

Of course not, there are real professionals from all over the world in our talent pool. But, as you see, our sacred mission is to help, first of all, Ukrainians.

If you would like to check also the talent we’re able to provide, do not hesitate to ask.


Let's recap: there are many ways to help Ukraine and Ukrainians (and therefore help the future of the world).

If you are planning to hire professionals and expand your team, here is a great way to benefit both Ukraine and yourself - hire people from Ukraine - you will not regret.

If you still have doubts and questions, feel free to contact us. If you are ready to hire, all the more be sure to contact us.

Title image: Julia Vilna, 'Prayer for Ukraine'

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