July 2, 2020
April 21, 2020

The 16 Best Design Agencies in Ukraine in 2020

In recent years Ukraine's web and graphic designers have been winning awards at the world's most prestigious festivals and contests left and right. It's no secret that the country has incredibly talented and innovative designers and a flourishing creative community. The idea to hand pick the best design agencies was challenging, as there are so many unbelievably talented teams. We started with breaking down the word "best". We believe the following 16 agencies are creating the most bold, innovative and ambitious work - to us those factors are what makes an agency the best. With that criteria in mind, below is the list of Ukraine's top 16 design agencies.


Fedoriv is the largest independent marketing agency in Ukraine. Fedoriv develops advertising campaigns for ambitious brands eager to present powerful marketing strategies with clear and successful tactical goals in mind. 

The agency supports the brand vision for continuous innovation and long term, sustained development. This includes essential changes in businesses’ building, retail, and service models. All with the goal of improving the customer experiences on both a product and communication level. As they put it “We create brands that change businesses”.

The cost is custom-tailored based on brand ambition and project scope.  Some of their well-known clients include Nova Poshta, Rozetka, Oshchadbank(ОЩАД), Ukrnafta, Bodo.ua, Concert.ua.


Banda is a creative agency that comes up with simple and unexpected ideas that create a bond between a brand and their audience. Well-known brands like Puma, Uber, and Ukraine Now are just a few of their customers. 

The clear strategic communication of each of their projects makes you look at everything you know to be familiar, from a new perspective, and sometimes to see again that which has been forgotten over the years.

Banda’s mission is to dive deep into their clients’ businesses and make them more successful. They work to find the strategy, positioning, and uniqueness of their clients’ brands. They believe the most important thing when embarking on a new project is to uncover the truth. The truth comes before anyone knows what the campaign will look or sound like. The only thing that you should ask yourself is “Will this make an impact?” 

“All of our creative ideas are based on common people’s behavior. It’s the only way to create a case that changes a brand. Creative advertising chases after one goal and addresses a particular challenge. To address those challenges we create stories.”

Sometimes, the big idea can be hidden in the simple, small and most obvious truth. What’s most important is to be the first to identify this truth. It doesn’t matter what the campaign is going to look like or sound like, it only matters what impact it will have on people. And later on, when people talk about it it’s even better if they describe it in their own words.


Orchidea is a branding design agency that focuses on creative for brands that advocate sustainability as well as transparency and awareness in the supply chain. Their portfolio is a feast for the eyes and proof that you can run a successful business and care about people & the planet at the same time.They leverage their creative success as a platform to advocate for less wasteful consumption bring attention to climate change.


Crevv is a multidisciplinary group that helps brands find common ground with their audiences. They have worked with clients like LABA and the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. Embarking on a project, CREVV focus on visual as well as verbal communication with a highly strategic approach to design research. When it comes to developing the tone of voice and design identity systems for brand communications CREVV is hard to match. 

“Think less, do more”

Crevv’s distinctive approach is applied in brand positioning, identity, and communication.


Razom Studio is an independent studio that is guided by the philosophy of “no border” design that results in effective and magnificent design products. Their clients include Kyivness Vintage market and SPBM. Razom provide creative solutions to cultivate brand identity and recognizability for their clients. 

Other land

Other Land Studio is a team of strategists and designers using an integrated multidisciplinary approach to brand building. They believe that any company can achieve more if its assets include a brand that emphasizes the strengths of the business and resonates with people on an emotional level.


League Design Agency is a tight knit team of creatives interested in modern culture, new products, fashion trends and innovative approaches to design.

“The company of engineers with the soul of the artist”

League designs new experiences for physical and digital products.  They believe in in their client’s business and help invest in design with multiple returns. They have worked with clients like OU Israel, Synergy, and Ignilife.


Spiilka Design Buro is a union of people who've come together to design great things for great people. Brandings, Mobile Apps or Websites — become a part of one’s Design Journey is a thrill they live for. 

They have helped various clients like Diia, Crello and Better Me. Their engineering approach and aesthetic vision creates consistent and distinctive designs.


MADCATS is a creative agency based in Kyiv. They’re a team of strategists, designers, marketers, and visionaries who come together to improve the future of the client’s business through exceptional design. 

Large scale companies like GPL come to them for brand identity and communication strategy solutions.  Their pride themselves on being the top are strategy, design, and communication.


Twid Creative Studio is a specialty design studio for positioning strategy, visual identity, website development, and mobile applications. 

They have worked with different brands such as DVZN, Foxtrot, Ivan Dorn, Haw Kew to name a few. Twid aren't scared to be bold and try out experimental solutions. This allows them to grasp people's attention and arouse strong emotions.


Looch Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio. Their vision translates through different channels and mediums — print, typography, digital, lettering, web, conceptual design, and beyond.

Stockholm, ZHZ, AVST Magazine are just a few of their clients. Based on the idea that people are guided by emotions, Looch Studio creates an emotional visual narrative that connects people and brands.


Bachoo “Architecting the digital. Interfaces. Websites. Brands.”

Bachoo is a Kyiv-based boutique design-house with expertise and achievements in user experience, interface, web design, branding, and digital marketing.

They have worked with clients like Twosigmas, Airfox, Judolaunch, Cavio and more. They have been helping businesses, startups, and products to perfect human interactions through handcrafted design, hearty content, modern technology, and digital communications.


Wezom is one of the largest and most experienced teams in Ukraine. They have received 30+ prestigious awards in the digital industry. They have gathered a superteam of designers, programmers, marketers, and experts in the field of digital products.

Wezom has worked with big corporations like Roshen and KAVA. They perfectly understand what an online product should be and how to achieve this. They combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking and offer an exceptional level of service. 


Trinetix is a big design and software development partner for many Fortune 500s as well as fast-growing startups around the globe. The company provides offshore software engineering and design services. Since 2011, they have helped major brands optimize their businesses for the digital era and build advanced software and design projects. 

Through innovative technology solutions, Trinitex developers, designers, and business analysts solve complex business problems for both the industry giants and innovative startups enabling them to keep ahead of the tough competition. 

Their software and design solutions are built to meet their client’s business goals and reach new markets.

“our people are our strength”

Their design and engineering center in Ukraine became is home to over 250+ developers and designers. To proactively generate cutting edge solutions for their clients, Trinitex has fostered a performance-driven company culture of innovation. 

The biggest brand names like Samsung, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Mc Donalds come to Trinitex to create new design solutions. 


Brights is a software development company located in Ukraine with a remote team of 72in its sales office in Warsaw. They create design and develop solutions for all types of web and mobile products. 

Brights engage in projects with clients of different cultures and from different continents. They’ve worked with large companies like PMI, MasterCard, Electrolux, Kimberly-Klark, as well as with startups. They combine proven methodologies, business domain experience, and technology expertise to challenge the typical ideas and find unique solutions for each project.


Artkai started as a team of 7 collaborating on Upwork based projects. Now they are market leaders with global recognition and a lot of awards on their walls. Their clients come to them for design and product strategy and most importantly to solve complex problems and realize big ambitions.

“we have come a long way to prove there is more to us than affordable rates and acceptable English.”

Companies of different sizes come to Artkai for counsel and design solutions. Their clients trust them to tackle difficult problems, realize bold ideas and build resolute products. Artkai attributes their success to their high standards in the talent selection process and, more importantly, “in people who have managed to get through it.” Thet op 1% of their applicants that do get hired are the most passionate, hard-working and innovative individuals on their team. 

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