October 29, 2021

7 Must-Have Unique Hiring Tools You Probs Don't Know About

Employees who have gone through a pleasant hiring experience will often share it with others. In turn, this helps your company build trust with current and potential employees, and maintain a strong employer brand.

Hiring tools are aimed at improving the experience of jobseekers by managing and optimizing the processes. Recruiting software automates the process of posting vacancies, searching for candidates, collecting CVs, and so on.

There are hundreds of hiring tools out there but when it comes to choosing which one is worth your attention and investment, making a final decision can become complicated and confusing.

To help you make the best possible choice, we have collected seven unique hiring tools that will help you streamline your recruitment process.

Since HR solutions greatly differ depending on the specialization and types of tools (from sourcing, applicant tracking systems. etc.), the list consists of individual instances from each group.

Multitool Ecosystems


JobScore is a platform aimed at helping companies streamline applicant tracking. The tool eliminates the need to waste your time and resources on posting job vacancies, tracking CVs, storing them, providing feedback on time, getting in touch with candidates, and so on.

JobScore accelerates hiring processes, allowing you to pay more attention to getting the people you need for your vacancy. The platform automates job posting by letting you create a unique post once and then distributes it across various boards, email databases, and other platforms. 

The tool works for companies with anywhere from 20 to 2000+ employees.


Recruitee is a hiring tool that works for both recruiters and hiring managers. With the software, you can use data to optimize every step of your hiring process. The solution helps companies find talent, reduce hiring costs, and improve workflows. 

Recruitee allows users to schedule interviews, track candidates, assign roles to team members for co-hiring, track team and candidate activity, and much more. You can also showcase your employer brand with the Career Website Editor, integrate with social networks, customize job sites, and so on.

AI-powered Hiring Tools


Skillate is an AI-powered solution aimed at helping HRs find the best employees for open positions. The application completely frees users of the need to manually screen and short-list applicants. Deep learning algorithms, as well as NLP, assist with ensuring the accuracy of the recommendations are spot on.

Skillate provides users with an AI-powered matching engine, chatbots, resume parsers, dashboards, auto interview scheduler, and other features that make the hiring process smooth and efficient.


Hiretual is an AI-powered platform that streamlines applicant sourcing and engagement and helps companies find the best talents faster. 

When you have selected a candidate, the service lets you engage with them via your Gmail or Outlook account and enables you to send emails without leaving the recruitment platform’s interface. 

Hiretual optimizes your candidate search with intelligent insights and allows you to build the persona of your ideal employee. In this way, the platform can find the ideal match for your open vacancy.

Recruit’em for Sourcing and X-Ray Help

Recruit’em is a service that allows users to find relevant candidates via social networks. The tool builds a boolean string that searches public pages via LinkedIn, Twitter, Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Xing.

The application works as follows: a user selects the social network they want to search, adjusts filters and enters the relevant keywords in specific fields. Recruit’em has a simple and clear interface, is free, and anonymous.

HireVue for Video Interviews, Assessment, and Deep Processing

HireVue is a tool that allows HRs to search for applicants and interview them via the internet. The solution provides HRM (human resource management) as well as tools for sourcing and onboarding.

The application includes cognitive assessments and competency-based AI-driven assessments. HireVue enables users to hire employees faster, more honestly, and in a friendlier manner by combining the tools they need for the hiring process into one platform, thus greatly streamlining the entire process so that HRs can focus on people instead of paperwork.

In-depth Candidate Search and Analytics Platform: Make it in Ukraine

Make it in Ukraine is a hiring platform aimed at helping organizations to hire the best talent and agencies in Ukraine. Ukraine is known as one of the top outsourcing destinations across a wide range of technical disciplines and development roles. 

Make it in Ukraine helps companies from all around the world to hire award-winning talent for their needs.

Key features of the platform include a job post builder - a free editable template allowing you to create, edit, publish and share job descriptions for your vacancies, team cost calculator aimed at helping you to figure out how much it’ll take for you to build a team you need, hiring process checklist, and more.

The platform suits best for small to medium-size businesses. The company has clients that include Fortune 500 companies as well as startups that are looking for the best technical and creative applicants available.

How to Choose a Hiring Tool for Your Business?

Most of the hiring tools listed in this article include trials that permit you to test their features for free. This allows you to experience the unique benefits of the platform and decide what works best and how well it suits your needs in terms of pricing.

Automating the hiring process helps to not only save valuable time and resources for your company but also improve the hiring experience for the candidates themselves. In the future, they will become your reliable employees, or at least, they will leave the best reviews for your company.

We hope this list helps you choose the best recruiting tool for your business needs and improves the efficiency of your recruiting process. We believe that every party involved in the process should come away with a smooth and transparent hiring experience, no matter the outcome.

P.S. Be sure to contact us, we are happy to strengthen your team.

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