January 9, 2022

Sparkling career path with Alexey & Sparkle

"If you’re interested in the project that you’re being offered to work on..., you should get over the fear of expectation and just do it. Believe me, you’ll be praising the day that you’ve agreed to that offer"

(Alexey, Sparkle)

This time we are going to tell our story about Alexey, JS Developer at Sparkle.

What made Alexey look for new career opportunities? Does he regret that he changed his job to a remote mode? Did numerous interviews exhaust him?

Spoiler: nope, no spoilers this time. 🤓 Read on and find out for yourself.

Case Study: Sparkling career path with Alexey & Sparkle

💡 Before we start:

If you've been experiencing the same thoughts as the hero of our story today, it might be a good time to take a look at what the career market can offer to you. At the very least, you can assess what you'd be interested in, what the available offers are, and how much you'd be getting paid for your desirable work. And it's best to do so with the help of those who know the market well.

👉 So write to us, let's get to know each other.

Now let's get back to the point.

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Wait a minute. This is not a "Star Wars" fairy tale. This is the story of our local Ukrainian IT guy. Just like you and me. Just like some of your neighbors. His name is Alexey and one day he felt what not all Jedi in galaxies far, far away can feel.

We're talking about Her Majesty, Fatigue. Alexey felt that he was tired of the projects that he was working on, constant changes in the team roster and projects, so he was looking for a company that develops their own product and focuses on it.

And that's how this story begins.

That part where no one likes to sort through the stacks of LinkedIn messages 😬

Yep, no one likes pesky flies and goofy recruiters. So what did Alexei like about the messages from the Make it in Ukraine's recruiter?

  • Written with respect and a strong intention not to waste the candidate's time.
  • Suggestions are described clearly and succinctly. It is clear that the recruiter carefully researched the profile of Alexey and his competencies.
  • After Alexey expressed his interest, he was given several relevant vacancies to choose from at once.
  • Salary Expectations and possible ranges are never a‌ ‌taboo ‌subject‌. All is clear and easy to discuss.
  • All questions about management and team atmosphere were answered in a very clear manner. .
  • The vacancies proposed to Alexey were solid, product only, no outsourcing.
Case Study: Sparkling career path with Alexey & Sparkle

Famous rock band Pink Floyd managed to describe the atmosphere of the conveyor-like work (or study in their music video), where you're just a tiny gear. Ugh, gross. Is it possible in the XXI century? Not if we have anything to say about it.

Alexey was not planning on becoming another cog in the system, another brick in the wall. Sparkle seemed the most inspiring to him. And so we continued with it.

What the recruiting process was like for Alexey

As it turns out, there was no long chain of interviews (as it usually goes in 99% of companies). Therefore, this section will be very short. Sparkle does not burden themselves and the candidates with pointless stages. They know what their team members need.

Moreover, the founders and all the team are easy to talk to. That's why all the stages flew by super smoothly.

  1. ↪  Intro Call

At first, Alexey was not feeling super optimistic about the remote style of work. But our Account Manager talked to him, and proved that all of his fears about remote work didn’t have any ground beneath it and handled all the problems on each step of the road. And he felt really good about the company that eventually gave him the offer.

  1. Call with Sparkle's CTO

Jon, Sparkle's CTO, prefers not to beat around the bush. On the first call, he realized that Alexey was the Perfect Match. So the next day they were already discussing, guess what? That's right, it was:

  1. ↪ Offer

The company recognized that Alexey is really gifted, has an excellent grasp of technology, great not only in the frontend part, which he is a master at but also sees the big picture, a very important skill for advanced teams in the XXI century.

Our candidate also found the answers he was looking for: the company embodied everything he wanted to see after he got tired of his current job. Sparkle appeared not just as a product company. It found its niche in the very first lockdown, its product really helps people feel better. And that positive, sparkling atmosphere (there's a reason the company is named that way) was passed on to Alexey.

About the salary in a nutshell

Alexey discussed his compensation, and everyone was satisfied when they agreed on a x1.7 Salary Boost for him.

At the end of the day, he made his decision without excessive hesitations. As we like to say, match made in Ukraine.

How is it going now? What are the biggest challenges, if any, in working for an international remote team?

Alexey is a real pro, so there were no work problems for him. The only nuance for him was his lack of experience working remotely. But he overcame it very quickly.

"Once I become accustomed to the product and team I can say that I’ve never felt that good about my job before", — says Alexey.
Case Study: Sparkling career path with Alexey & Sparkle

👉 A quick recap: why did Alexey choose "Make it in Ukraine"?

No one says it better than Alexey himself:

I wasn’t expecting much from a hiring agency at first, but I really appreciated the attitude and their desire to help me in search of a new job. I literally had to just say what I was interested in and what domains/companies I'm looking forward to working in and it was just a few days until they reached out to me with a few offers. Overall communication with the recruiter and account manager was way more comfortable than with anyone else on the market.

🤲 A valedictory word from Alex to all, who are thinking about their career

If you’re interested in the project that you’re being offered to work on and feeling good about the people that you’ve talked to, and the only fears that you have are about how you’re going to accustom to the remote work, then I’d say that you should get over fear of expectation and just do it. Believe me you’ll be praising the day that you’ve agreed to that offer in less than a month, it’s going to be great 🙂

Bottom line

This story, as well as others we published, show that you can get the job of your dreams. Moreover, you have a wide range of options. All you have to do is three simple things:

  1. Decide if you want to start something new in your life or job.
  2. If yes, think about what field you want to develop in?
  3. Contact us. Here are our recruiters and their contact information:


Email: dianao@makeitinua.com Telegram: @Di_crucuzon


Email: olya@makeitinua.com Telegram: @yaremaola

It’s really that easy

Every week we receive requests from two or more of our long-time friendly candidates requesting us to find them a couple of interesting jobs with attractive salaries.

And you know what? For more than half of these requests, we introduce the candidate and the company the very next day.

💎 Just drop us your CV and expectations, and we’ll show you the best roles that match your profile. Let's stay in touch!

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