March 17, 2021
July 31, 2020

Case Study: How a Global Analytics Firm Saved Over $32,000 in Hiring A Star Senior Software Engineer with Make it in Ukraine in Just 7 Days

The Challenges

AlterScience, a research and analytics company that specializes in building complex systems, was looking for a Solidity developer with extensive experience working with Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda. They had less than 40 hours to find this candidate. The team responsible for interviewing candidates included specialists with advanced academic degrees and engineers that are major thought leaders in their field. Given the high level of expertise on the client’s team and the strict time frame for finding their star developer we had to be sure our potential candidate was the perfect fit for the client’s team. 

The Solution 

When AlterScience was referred to us by a previous client we sat down with the team over Zoom to discuss their goals, hiring requirements, team dynamics and timeframe.

The Approach 

To save AlterScience time, Anna, Head of Recruiting at Make it in Ukraine, conducted the initial candidate screenings where she assessed the candidate’s level of English, technical proficiency and soft skills. Because of the signifiant time constraints, Anna’s approach involved evaluating the candidate’s Code Samples, and reviewing their published work, which allowed the team to better understand the candidate’s technical proficiency and significantly reduced the time needed to conduct the technical interviews. Once the pre-screening process was complete, AlterScience’s Team Lead conducted an hour long coding session and technical interview during which the candidates technical competency was further assessed. 

During the technical interview the candidate was asked to complete a technical task online while sharing their desktop screen with the selection committee. Anna’s team used this method to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills and stress resistance abilities. At all stages of the hiring process, Anna made sure the candidates felt at ease and could bring out their best in front of the client.  The final step for the candidate was an interview with the Founder and CEO of AlterScience.

The Value Delivered 

The candidate hired by AlterScience helped them roll out their latest monitoring and post-launch support software designed for reporting, analytics, and data driven decision-making recommendations almost 3 months before schedule. Hiring with Make it in Ukraine saved AlterScience almost $34,000 in hiring costs and candidate salary compared to their local UK talent market. 

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