May 4, 2022

Checklist: How to improve your talent acquisition and hire the right persons in 2022

We've got 6 clear points for your company to be successful with HR, recruitment, and overall talent acquisition processes in 2022. Let's talk about agility, long-term relationships, interviewing and speaking to candidates, your employer brand, worldwide diversification in your hiring, and the right people in your team.

1. Be agile in the face of challenges 

Everything is changing due to pandemics, including talent acquisition. Now it's vital to be agile and flexible for changes you may face in the next few months.

2. Try building long-term relationships

Long-term relationships work better than always hiring people for 2-3 months. Workers who stay with you for a long time are more loyal and ready to face uncertain times together.

Checklist: How to improve your talent acquisition in and hire the right persons in 2021

3. Spend more time interviewing and speaking to candidates

With nearly everything moving online, face-to-face contact becomes crucial. Candidates appreciate your attention and will be more loyal if you will be careful and attentive to them during the interview. This extra attention in the interview process will help ensure you’re hiring the right people in the new year.

Checklist: How to improve your talent acquisition in and hire the right persons in 2021

4. Improve your employer brand

Remote work erases borders, so more people will be seeking to work with you if you're getting the word out there about your company. Decide on your vision and build your employer brand around it. What is the core message you want people to associate your brand with? Traditional and stable or fast-paced and innovative? Think about this and tailor your message to your brand perception goals. 

Checklist: How to improve your talent acquisition in and hire the right persons in 2021

5. Try hiring in different countries

As a company that helps companies hire vetted technical talent from Ukraine, we understand the vast list of benefits of remote hiring. The top of this list is often cost savings, for instance, if you’re looking for development talent, take a closer look at Ukraine. Candidates from Ukraine are some of the strongest developers but have lower salary expectations due to the lower living costs. 

Check out our IT Salary Dashboard and IT Market DOU Overview to see the salaries for the top IT roles in Ukraine. Share this post with someone who’s looking for developers!
Checklist: How to improve your talent acquisition in and hire the right persons in 2021

6. Hire the right person

Companies such as Amazon, Nvidia, Adobe, and Microsoft grew during the pandemic. But if you think that growth in times of crisis is limited to tech companies only, you might be wrong. In mid-June, VW, Audi's parent company, confirmed it would pay €1,551.53 per outstanding share (while it was trading at €800 at the start of the year).

Your company is the sum of its people: they create the product, test hypotheses, bet on different strategies, and in the end, make or break your company’s success. Hiring the right people is a key to not just survive, but thrive during these unpredictable times.

Checklist: How to improve your talent acquisition in and hire the right persons in 2021

At Make it in Ukraine, we carefully vet our candidates to find a perfect match for your team. We focus not only on hard skills but also on the soft skills, such as flexibility and resilience, the ability to work remotely, and communicate expertly. Hiring the right candidates saves companies thousands of dollars, and can become the turning point for your business.

Book a free 15-minute consultation to find out how to improve your talent acquisition strategy and find your perfect candidate.

Shad Paterson
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Shad's been a digital nomad since he was 16, living and working remotely. After working in marketing and selling crap to people constantly, he decided to change his life and do something good. Now he helps other people transform their lives, by landing them high-paying jobs across the world.
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