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If you're looking for talent for your next project, I highly recommend collaborating with people from Ukraine. Make it in UA makes it easy by highlighting some of the coolest talents there!
Pablo Stanley
Design Lead, Invision

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Make it in Ukraine' explained in 60 sec

We're 'Make it in Ukraine', a recruiting platform that helps companies hire award winning talent and agencies from Ukraine.

Get access to the best technical and creative talent in Ukraine, individual hires and full suite agencies.

Our rigorous screening process and exceptional value delivery have earned us a reputation of being a top remote recruitment agency. 

As a remote staffing agency, we matchmake award-winning talent for high-velocity companies and fast-moving startups in need of specialized senior IT talent. 

Make it in Ukraine has clients that include fortune 500 companies, small to medium-size businesses as well as numerous funded startups looking to hire the best technical and creative talent available.

Part of being a remote working recruitment agency means taking care of the hardest part of hiring for our clients: sourcing highly specialized talent and vetting candidates.

Why Ukraine

Ukraine has the highest quality to cost ratio among top outsourcing destinations across the wide range of technical disciplines and development roles.


Superior Education

As an ex-soviet state, Ukraine places a huge emphasis on STEM education and rigorous computer science courses in universities. 

As a result Ukraine has a high number of specialized senior engineers with 6+ years of experience in their area of specialization.

Ukraine’s Abundant Supply of Talent Means Exceptional Quality at Affordable Rates

While the educational system’s strong emphasis on STEM facilitates a great deal of graduates to pursue technical roles, the lack of sufficient venture capital and infrastructure vital for entrepreneurial development makes it harder for them to find well paying jobs.


Highly Competitive Job Market

The abundant supply of talent means fierce competition for coveted technical positions. That’s why in Ukraine you can find exceptionally skilled seniors with 6+ years of experience struggling to find opportunities to flex their engineering skills in the local job market.

As a remote job agency, Make it in Ukraine matches these unique candidates with companies eager to hire the best possible specialists without paying Silicon valley rates.

A top remote job placement agency, Make it in Ukraine leverages a deep network of recruiters and referrals to find talent that would otherwise be missed in a recruiter’s talent search because they are not engaging with recruiters.


Specialized Niche Talent Pools

Our unique specialists work in niches such as data science, infoSec, gaming, cybersec as well as web and mobile developments. We work with experts in popular tech stacks such as Javascript as well as less common languages like Go. 

Due to the rich supply of talent the price points for hiring these experts can be up to 50% lower than in the US or Canada. 

Our vetting process ensures we match our candidates’ hiring needs with our best-fit candidates for each and every hire. 

Unlike any other top IT recruitment agency we offer a free 1 month trial period and will happily replace your hire for free should you find that it wasn’t a great fit within the first 12 months of placement. 

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